Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What a Weekend!!! Part 2

Our original travel plans called for us to fly out of DFW on Monday afternoon. We started thinking about the NCAA Championship game & the fact that we were only 4 hours from San Antonio. We are all Kansas fans & started tossing around the idea of actually going down there. After a few phone calls to the airlines, ticket brokers, & bosses...we were on the road!

We arrived in San Antonio at 6:00 Monday evening, just in time to have a few beverages before heading inside. Our last minute seats were great! We even had the pleasure of sitting next to a young UCLA fan now routing for Kansas, following our tradition of reading the paper as Memphis was being introduced!

We were treated to an excellent sporting event with an outcome that we had dreamed about! We were all so glad that we decided to make the trip for what seemed like a once-in-a-lifetime experience!
Although, the only decent flight I could find back to KC was an 8:30 am departure on Tuesday morning. So, we had to forgo any post-game celebrations & make the drive back to Fort Worth. We were able to shut our eyes for about 2 1/2 hours before heading off to the airport to come home & let everyone know about the whirlwind we had just experienced!

The jet-setting is over. I have one more free weekend until I start back up with weddings again on the 19th. I am doing events every weekend until July, where I will have one weekend free & then back to the grind until December!


Dumuro said...

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Justin & Shonna said...

OMG, Michelle! I'm soooo jealous! You didn't tell me that your "weekend trip" was for NASCAR AND THE FRICKIN FINAL FOUR! What a blast...

Kagahn said...

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