Wednesday, January 7, 2009

December 28th: Shelly & Tyler

What a fun event! Shelly & Tyler were looking to create a "Winter Wonderland" theme for their event on December 28th.
I didn't really have a ton of design work to do, but I did get to sharpen up my labor chops! We hung Chinese lanterns from the ceiling, draped the fireplace in fabric & twinkle lights, & erected somewhat of a winter woodland for the ceremony area! We were on site for nearly 5 hours but it looked great!
Luckily, Josh & Jenny Solar were the photographers, so I am stealing their shots for the blog. Way better than the ones I took! Enjoy!
Shelly was all about the bling! Her bouquet was full of crystals, rhinestones, sparkle sticks, & more. You can't see it here but the stems were actually a in a sterling silver cone. Very cool!

Shelly & Tyler's daughters were the bridesmaids. They all carried kissing balls composed of white hydrangea & silver ribbon.

The branches for the ceremony area were 4 - 12 foot all birch tops. The branches were decorated with hanging crystals, snowflakes, & votives.

Great shot! The trees weren't actually in front of the fireplace, but I am glad they took this shot! You couldn't really see the trees in the other photos due to the large bay window they sat in front of!

Thanks Josh & Jenny for all of the great pics! You guys are awesome!