Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Really Cool Cakes!

As some of you know, I share my studio space with two wedding cake vendors. Rebekah Foster is one of them & she has had some really cool cakes lately! I had her send me some photos so I could share with you!
The cherry blossom cake is one of my favorites! She has another one on display at the shop with lime green colored flowers. So cool!
It is really hard to see from this picture, but the detail on this suitcase is amazing! There are stitching marks in all of the buckles & straps & the coloring gave it a vintage look.

She hand makes all of her flowers & decorations. The lilies on the top of this cake probably look better than fresh ones would have!

If anyone is still looking for a fabulous cake for their wedding, you should contact her! She does amazing work & it tastes great! Her website is: www.rebekahcakeartist.com

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