Tuesday, October 9, 2007

October 6th: Ryan's Surprise Party

I didn't have any weddings this week and was kind of looking forward to the break! I did, however, decide to throw my husband a surprise 30th birthday party in our hometown of Topeka. This was more work than I anticipated, but the outcome was so worth it!

I started planning a little over a month ago. Trying to keep a secret that long is hard! There were a couple of occasions where I was sure he knew what was going on. On the car ride to the party, he was completely clueless so I knew it was going to be great!

The first hurdle I had to overcome was the invitation. Ryan is a twin & the party was supposed to be for both he & his brother. His brother found out & made it clear he did not want a party, so I was on my own. How do you throw a party for one twin when they both have a lot of the same friends & not have everyone wonder why the party is for one & not the other? I found the perfect invitations at http://www.creationsbyleslie.com/ Everything was smooth sailing from there!

The party was held at Berkshire Country Club. I decorated with the colors of brown, teal, & apple green. I hung Chinese lanterns across the ceiling of the club & attached old pictures of Ryan that I received from his mom. Ryan is a HUGE candy connoisseur, hence, the candy buffet. He loved that so much, he didn't want anyone to take any home!

I was also able to make use of the hundreds of green apples I had left over from the previous weeks weddings! I didn't want to throw them away but I am not really a cook either, so using them in pies, etc was a lost cause!

Thank you to all that helped pull this event off! Also, a big thanks to all that came for Ryan's big day. He was so happy to see you all & really appreciated everyone's attendance!

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