Friday, May 16, 2008

May 9th

So...I was told by a faithful blog watcher (you know who you are!) that I needed to update my blog! Naturally, last weekend was my busiest yet & I forgot my camera! I had 5 events between Thursday & Saturday and had the opportunity to do some really cool stuff! I was able to talk with the photographers at the events & pro pics have been promised, we'll just have to wait & see them!

Here are a few pictures of my wedding on May 9th that I got a few shots of before delivery.

The bride & bridesmaids carried bouquets of white hydrangea, white peonies, & viburnum. The bride's bouquet was wrapped with folded aspidistra leaves. The bridesmaid's bouquets had curly willow branches wrapped amongst the flowers.The altar arrangement was fabulous! A twist on the "Shonna" arrangement, we filled a large, footed glass urn with curly willow branches, surrounded by a wreath of peonies & viburnum. The wreath was trimmed out with white feathers. Look for more versions of these coming up in the next few weeks!

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Justin & Shonna said...

Awwwwwww! It's the "Shonna" arrangement. I'm so honored! :)