Friday, May 16, 2008

May 10th

One of my weddings on the 10th consisted of my favorite color pink & orange! The bride carried a bouquet of hot pink peonies, orange roses, & white sweet pea.

The bridesmaids carried smaller versions of the bridal, without the white sweet pea.

The reception centerpieces were really cool! She had 24-foot long tables that we created tablescapes on using trifle bowls filled with garden roses, viburnum, peonies, & oranges at each end of the table. In between we did an assortment of items from cylinders with floating candles, orbs composed of kermit poms, small vases with fully bloomed roses, pillar candles, & votives. All of the items were tied together by the hot pink runner that ran the length of the table. No pictures yet, but the photographer promised some to come!

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