Sunday, May 3, 2009

March 21st: KISS Events "Engaged" Seminar

Sharon with KISS Events invited me to participate in a seminar for newly engaged couples. The event focused on how to have an elegant event without breaking the bank. Here are a few of my designs that fit the theme!A lot of bang for the buck! If you are concerned about having one small centerpiece in the center of a 60" round, this is an excellent alternative. You can choose from several different flower varieties to help adjust cost. The bride provides her own candles, so the cost of this with vase rental, ribbon, flowers, & votives can start at $45 per table!
Simple rose bowl jazzed up with a boa of pale pink feathers! Starting at $35.

Simple hydrangea dressed up with coordinating ribbons on varying size cube vases. Starting at $35.

Fun, funky, unique bridal bouquet. Not a bargain bouquet, but just wanted to show how to do something out of the ordinary, but still be "bridal." I used roses, spider gerber daisies, orchids, fern curls, dianthus, lysmachia, etc. The stems were wrapped in a dark brown twine.

This is a budget friendly alternative. Bouquet composed of all white hydrangea. Very beautiful, simple, & elegant! This bridal bouquet would only be $50! I encourage any bride who is on a tight budget & looking to have gorgeous bridal party flowers, church decorations, & centerpieces to look at doing an all hydrangea wedding!


Kelly said...

I love all of these especially the roses with feathers centerpiece and the all white hydrangea bouquet, beautiful and inexpensive options!

Sugar & Spice Event Design said...

I love the small centerpieces. They are very fun and very affordable! Even though they wilt quickly, I love the fullness of hydrangeas. They are simply but a well-stated flower~