Sunday, March 30, 2008

March 30th: Katie & Jack

Katie & Jack held a very cool wedding & reception at 1617 Event Space. The space totally matched their personality & style...and the flowers were perfect! Katie carried a bouquet of green cymbidium orchids accented with curly willow.
We created centerpieces composed of different elements that were placed together on the tables. Some tables had cube quartets with green spider mums or deep purple carnations & cymbidium orchid candles floating amongst submerged curly willow branches.
The centerpiece above is actually 3 rectangle vases filled with composite style arrangements of spider mums, hypericum berries, carnations, & dahlias. The vases were then placed side by side on the table to create the look of a large square.
Other tables had cube trios with a small vase of peonies or rannuculus, a medium vase of green hydrangea with curly willow accents, & a tall vase with curly willow submerged under water & topped with a floating spider mum.

The last style was a medium cube of green hydrangea surrounded by smaller cubes of burgundy dahlias.
I thought everything we created fit the space perfectly! I can't wait to see the professional pictures when all of the candles are lit & the lights are dimmed. I think it will come off as the perfect "Urban Chic" event!
Two more weeks off, then watch for something every week until at least July! Lots of great stuff still to come!


Stephanie Jackson said...

Beautiful Floral arrangements..

Gil Garcia Velez said...

Hi Michelle,

I was just browsing around and led to your site and must say that you have nice floral arrangements!

And your photos remind me to send
my wife flowers soon. I used to do
that a lot when we were still based
in Vietnam where flowers were really
inexpensive... unlike here in Manila!


Gardagami said...

See Please Here

Anonymous said...

Where did you find the three square vases of different heights for the flowers? I've been looking all around and can't find anything that isn't super pricey; everything is glass and expensive. :(