Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Studio!!!

For those of you who don't know...

When I began Bella Design Studio, I was a one-person, one-cooler operation working in a room in the basement of my home. I quickly outgrew that setup, so in September of last year, I began leasing space in Shawnee. I have since added a second cooler (a nice, big, walk-in box!) & tons of inventory from vases & votives to lights & trees! I also have an awesome delivery assistant, Kathy, & hopefully this year Beth, a fabulous co-designer capable of creating the gorgeous flowers you are used to seeing from Bella!

It is isn't very appealing to the eye, just a bunch of concrete, cinder blocks, & old stains from the bakery that was in there for 20 years prior to me! But, it is so great to have everything on one level! I can spread out, make a huge mess, & get more done now than I ever did at home! I love it!

I am much more centrally located now as well. Previously all my deliveries originated from my home in Olathe. Now I am at the corner of Johnson Dr & Nieman & can really be almost anywhere in 15 minutes! That really helps on days where I have multiple deliveries.

I share the space with two wedding cake vendors, Iced Art & Rebekah Foster. So, if any of you are up visiting them, you can poke your head in the back & say "Hi" to me! I am still not too busy right now, but starting in May, I will practically be living up there!

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